How to Order

1. Contact us at sodapopcentral@rogers.com or using theĀ Email tab on our website.

2. In your email let us know if you require shipping. If you do require shipping provide your full mailing address including postal code so we can give you a shipping quote.

3. Tell us what Soda Pops you are interested in and the quantities and we can get you a quote.

4. When you have received the quote and want to go ahead with the order you can give us a call with a credit card number or send us an e-mail money transfer:

5. As soon as we receive payment we will ship.


Shipping tips

These are some things we have noticed when shipping.

  • When it is really cold here (Whitby, Ontario) or in your location we may suspend shipping to prevent freezing of the product. We will notify you right away before payment if this is the case.
  • You do NOT need to order all the same product you can mix and match an order!
  • When asking for a shipping quote it is best to give us an idea of how many bottles you will want so we can get an accurate shipping estimate.
  • It costs almost the same amount to ship 24 bottles as it does to ship 12 or 18. (The difference is the cost of the Soda Pop)
  • It costs pretty much the same to send 2 cases of cans as 1 case (i.e. 2 cases of Tahitian Treat rather then 1 case) Again the difference is the cost of the Soda Pop itself.


You can always ask us if there is a way to maximize your shipping costs and we will let you know!