Hi everyone,

Its Troy, the new owner of Soda Pop Central. We are up and running here in Lakefield. While we don’t have the huge selection that was available in Whitby yet, we are working towards having over 600 varieties available by the end of the summer. Yes, we have Tahitian Treat currently in stock!

I’m prepping the soda pop room this week and I’ll have some pictures posted of the progress soon.

Hopefully you will come for a visit. Try some new pop and also check out our awesome selection of candy, board games and puzzles in the rest of the store, Sweet Competition, as well.


Welcome to Soda Pop Central, Canada’s LARGEST soda pop store. Remember The Pop Shoppe? Vernors Gingerale? Frostie? So do we! You’ll find all of these and more! Over 999 more at Soda Pop Central! Check out our selection of the classics as well as lots of new flavours, too!

Soda pop lovers, bookmark this page because we add new stuff all the time!

And yes, we are open to the public! 

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TAHITIAN TREAT $13.95 per case!!!


New Shipments  – check out the New Sodas !  We now have OVER 999 kinds of sodas !
Note: We ship within Canada Only

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Monday  10am to 5pm

Tuesday 10am to 5pm                                                                                 

Wednesday 10am to 5pm                                                               

Thursday 10am to 5pm

Friday 10am to 5pm                                

Saturday 10am to 5pm

Sunday 10am to 5pm   

3347 Lakefield Road, Unit 2

Lakefield, ON