Our Story

In 2001 my son and I went to the Detroit car show with our 1935 Ford truck. At the hotel we had some ginger ale. “This is good”, he mentioned and I told him it must be Vernors Ginger Ale because we were in Detroit. “I’ll get you some when we get home.”

The search was on as the local grocer said he wished he could get some because all the older people liked it. It took about 6 months to find the distributor. I also started a collection of Vernors memorabilia from other collectors and from e-bay and now have a small museum dedicated to Vernors with over 200 items from as far back as 1866 — Vernors being the oldest, still producing pop company in North America. Twenty years older than Coke which started in 1886.

We got in the first shipment just to see how it would sell. Most of the customers that saw the Vernors Ginger Ale took a case or two as they had not seen it for so long. As customers discuss their likes and dislikes you learn that there are a lot of other pops that they can’t find but really liked. The biggest questions were, “ Have you heard of….. and can you get it?”  More searching, finding, buying and the variety just grew. We now have over 800 kinds of pop. Most are from the US. Coke and Pepsi seem to have a lock on the market and supply what they think you should have. Not really what you want. It’s just all about volume sales.

Just to round things out. The truck we took to the car show was in Cobo Hall in Detroit which was built on the site of the old Vernors building.

Please enjoy our selection.